Boston Phoenix EIC’s heartbreaking sign-off

Following the news of the Phoenix shutting its doors over the last 24 hours has been surreal. For as long as I can remember, I’ve read the fearless weekly through thinking that being a Phoenix writer has to be the coolest job on the planet. Back in the day, I wanted to either shred guitar in an indie band or write music reviews – either way, I thought, I would know that I’d made it when my name showed up on their floppy printed page. I am literally, right now, sitting on stories I planned to pitch to the Phoenix after graduation. It hurts to know that, now, that will never happen.

For a time, WFNX was my jam, but I didn’t really lament its loss when it was sold to Clear Channel over the summer. The station was good, but in no way did it take residence in my consciousness the way the paper did. I remember not once thinking thinking there was anything to worry about over at PHX headquarters. I was a little taken aback when the Phoenix went magazine glossy, but was pleasantly surprised by how it turned out – a little smaller than I’d imagined, a little less satisfying than spreading out the big old alt weekly on a coffee table, but still good. Damn good.

Which brings me to Phoenix EIC Carly Carioli’s epically scary and deeply saddening sign-off. And this tweet.

More on this once I can wrap my head around it.


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Editor-in-Chief, The Gatepost student newspaper at Framingham State University.
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