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The final Friday – an interview with UMass Amherst Daily Collegian EIC Katie Landeck

Looks like “real world” newspapers aren’t the only ones taking a hit due to shrinking ad revenue. This week, the UMass Amherst Daily Collegian ran its final Friday edition, ending a decades-long tradition of publishing its paper all five weekdays. … Continue reading

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Editorial Sound Board: Self-involvement journalism – “A day in the dark”

Last week, Gatepost Arts and Features Editor Talia Adry published her self-involvement journalism piece “A day in the dark: Navigating FSU’s campus without vision is no easy task,” for which she spent six hours walking around school with a blindfold … Continue reading

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The CNM Chronicle sex issue shenanigans and the importance of student journo community

Whether we realize it or not, student journalists, and journalists in general, really, are a community. When issues come up – common procedural problems like staff issues, digital snafus or ethical conundrums or injustices like censorship or other First Amendment … Continue reading

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Ice cream with my dad – my iPhone-free break from Marathon news overload

The amount of news we’ve all consumed over the last 6 days is no doubt enough to rival any other interval in our lives. From the minute the two explosions rocked Boston, we’ve been glued to our TVs, computers and … Continue reading

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Our Boston Marathon issue

It’s been repeated ad nauseam: this has been what feels like the longest week any of us can remember. Explosions. Manhunts. Fear. Terror. Relief. Community. As I’m writing this, Neil Diamond has just sung “Sweet Caroline” in Fenway Park, and, … Continue reading

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The evolution, thankfully, of tape recorders

I’ve been working at our student newspaper for four years now, and in just that short amount of time, the way we record interviews has come a long way. When I was a freshman, I can remember literally using tapes … Continue reading

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A brief lesson in the run-up to our Boston Marathon bombing coverage

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, student newspapers around the world have been weighing in on the disaster, offering insights tailored for their fellow undergraduates, many of whom are still reeling from the shock of Monday’s horrors. College … Continue reading

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