Editorial Sound Board: Self-involvement journalism – “A day in the dark”

Last week, Gatepost Arts and Features Editor Talia Adry published her self-involvement journalism piece “A day in the dark: Navigating FSU’s campus without vision is no easy task,” for which she spent six hours walking around school with a blindfold on her eyes and a cane in her hands in hopes of capturing what it’s like to be a blind student.

I sat down with her this afternoon to discuss the motivations behind her approach, the difficulties she encountered and the message she hopes she conveyed. In the video above, Talia also shares a pretty useful tip for anyone else considering doing something similar.

Talia is a senior English major at Framingham State with a concentration in journalism. You can follow her on Twitter at @Talia_Adry.


About spencerbuell

Editor-in-Chief, The Gatepost student newspaper at Framingham State University.
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