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Asako’s story – the incredible history I almost overlooked for four years at FSU

A few weeks back, word started trickling in that a memorial housing the ashes of a deceased student was in the way of the upcoming expansion of an academic building – a multimillion dollar project years in the making, and … Continue reading

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“First-year” or “freshman”?

Writing for the University of Vermont student newspaper The Cynic, Michael Farley argued in 2010 that the publication should adopt the word “first year” to refer to students in their first year of college to replace “freshman,” the standard vernacular … Continue reading

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Behind the Gatepost Editorial

Last week, we got word that The Gatepost Editorial, our weekly unsigned column on all things Framingham State, won a national Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Award. We’ve won regional SPJ awards (Region 1, ours, is made up … Continue reading

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My last Gatepost Sunrise

The Gatepost Sunrise. It’s been a tradition firmly rooted in the consciousness of FSU newspaper editors for generations. After long – ridiculously long – nights in the office finalizing articles, editing pictures and laying out pages, the sun inevitably rises … Continue reading

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Is newspaper reporter really the worst job out there?

If you’re reading it here for the first time, you probably haven’t been paying close enough attention. Being a journalist, in many ways, is kind of terrible. The pay isn’t great, it’s pull-out-your-hair stressful, the hours are sub-human, and roughly … Continue reading

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