My last Gatepost Sunrise

sunrisepicThe Gatepost Sunrise. It’s been a tradition firmly rooted in the consciousness of FSU newspaper editors for generations. After long – ridiculously long – nights in the office finalizing articles, editing pictures and laying out pages, the sun inevitably rises (hopefully just before or after deadline). Each is worn like a badge of honor bestowed on only the most dedicated student journo volunteers, and according to Gatepost lore, you can’t join the paper’s family until you’ve experienced one.

And this week, I saw my last one.

The picture on the right was snapped by incoming EIC Kerrin Murray, a good friend of mine who I know will go on to do great things with The Gatepost after I graduate. Captured at roughly 7:45 in the morning, it immortalized a moment we all knew would be significant. Once I crossed the threshold of the office late that night/early that morning, we decided, I would officially hand the reins to Kerrin. “Once I step over this line, you don’t have to listen to me anymore,” I said.

I stood there for what I think was two minutes, happy to be done with my last-ever Gatepost, but struck by how sad it was that I’d be leaving.

It’d be a cliche to say the moment was bittersweet – and I’ve spent the last four years dodging them like the plague – but that’s what it was.

Like any student journalist, or most, at least, it’s hard to say exactly what the coming years will hold for me. But I’ll never forget my years at The Gatepost – and I’ll never forget my last Gatepost Sunrise.



About spencerbuell

Editor-in-Chief, The Gatepost student newspaper at Framingham State University.
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3 Responses to My last Gatepost Sunrise

  1. Great post Spencer. I think you summed up Gatepost sunrises perfectly. We’re all going to miss sharing them with you!

  2. spencerbuell says:

    I’ll miss them too! Make sure you take a pic of your first sunrise next semester and text it to me … at a reasonable hour.

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