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Asako’s story – the incredible history I almost overlooked for four years at FSU

A few weeks back, word started trickling in that a memorial housing the ashes of a deceased student was in the way of the upcoming expansion of an academic building – a multimillion dollar project years in the making, and … Continue reading

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Behind the Gatepost Editorial

Last week, we got word that The Gatepost Editorial, our weekly unsigned column on all things Framingham State, won a national Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Award. We’ve won regional SPJ awards (Region 1, ours, is made up … Continue reading

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My last Gatepost Sunrise

The Gatepost Sunrise. It’s been a tradition firmly rooted in the consciousness of FSU newspaper editors for generations. After long – ridiculously long – nights in the office finalizing articles, editing pictures and laying out pages, the sun inevitably rises … Continue reading

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Is newspaper reporter really the worst job out there?

If you’re reading it here for the first time, you probably haven’t been paying close enough attention. Being a journalist, in many ways, is kind of terrible. The pay isn’t great, it’s pull-out-your-hair stressful, the hours are sub-human, and roughly … Continue reading

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The final Friday – an interview with UMass Amherst Daily Collegian EIC Katie Landeck

Looks like “real world” newspapers aren’t the only ones taking a hit due to shrinking ad revenue. This week, the UMass Amherst Daily Collegian ran its final Friday edition, ending a decades-long tradition of publishing its paper all five weekdays. … Continue reading

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Editorial Sound Board: Self-involvement journalism – “A day in the dark”

Last week, Gatepost Arts and Features Editor Talia Adry published her self-involvement journalism piece “A day in the dark: Navigating FSU’s campus without vision is no easy task,” for which she spent six hours walking around school with a blindfold … Continue reading

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The CNM Chronicle sex issue shenanigans and the importance of student journo community

Whether we realize it or not, student journalists, and journalists in general, really, are a community. When issues come up – common procedural problems like staff issues, digital snafus or ethical conundrums or injustices like censorship or other First Amendment … Continue reading

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